Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Happy belated July 4th! How'd you spend it? Well, Grinnin' Booth spent it at Hill City Pool in Lynchburg, VA. We set up our photo booth under the roof, and the folks had a blast. A cool feature of this event was that they had a quilt made from squares of t-shirts through the years, and we were able to use that for our backdrop. How neat is that? Pretty neat. Here's the Grinnin' Booth staff taking a turn in the booth.

photo booth sample lynchburg va

So, right; that's just one picture. What happened to the strip? Funny you should ask. I have that, too. But I wanted you to see the kind of great pictures that make up the strip. They're actually 16MP digital pictures from a DSLR. No point-n-shoot action, here. But here's the whole strip.

photo booth strip Lynchburg VA

As you can see, we had some cool props, but the pool management provided some great ones, as well, including the flag on Lindsey's head. I'm not gonna lie; we're pretty proud of our prop collection.

So, next time, maybe we can talk weddings. Until then,

Keep on Grinnin'