Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of Banquets and Boredom

Some people really, really, really get into banquets. Those are usually the people planning the banquets. The people attending are there for the free food and a chance to win one of the used centerpieces. Ok, maybe that's overstating it; some people don't even care about the centerpieces... But honestly, you probably won't go to many banquets that make you think, "That was the most fun I've had in a long time!"

Unless... the entertainment/activities are very well chosen. For example, we had the privilege to boost the fun factor at an international student banquet, earlier this year. The Grinnin' Booth was open during the time folks were waiting for the food to be served, and then when they were waiting for the awards and speeches, and then for a little while when it was time for folks to say good bye to each other (some for the last time--so sad). So, who needs a little cheering up? Well, just stick out your chin and grin and, oh look!

I think some folks were testing us to see if there was a limit to how many times they could come back, but we let 'em come until it was time to pack up. And, as usual, we try to give everybody in the room a chance, including the folks there to serve. After all, wouldn't you want a chance in the booth, if you were serving? Sure you would. Just like these folks.

Clearly, they needed the break...

So, maybe next time you have to go to a banquet, you can look forward to it. I know you will, if the Grinnin' Booth is going to be there. And when it's over, you'll probably be thinking, "That was the most fun I've had in a long time!"

Where else can you have food, and, if you're lucky, a fun time in the Grinnin' Booth, and there's brides and grooms, but it's not a wedding? How about a bridal fair? Yeah, maybe that's what we'll talk about next time, since we'll be at the Central Virginia Bridal Guide's Bridal Showcase at the Kirkley Hotel in Lynchburg, this weekend. So, we'll share some highlights from that. Until then...

Keep Grinnin'

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