Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reunions: Make New Memories

Reunions can be a miserable time to remember why you've avoided your old classmates/relatives for all these years, or to have a sick satisfaction in seeing the cheerleaders get old and the athletes lose their touch. But at their best, they give us a chance to forget the disagreements and tensions, and only remember good times and share only the funny stories. And, of course, to make new memories. Ah. And that's where the Grinnin' Booth comes in.

Cameras as cameras, as well as cell phone features, are ubiquitous, these days. Today's reunion would probably have more cameras than people. It's good to be able to get pictures with the folks you have missed. In fact, even the ones you didn't miss might look a bit better in the softer light (and softer vision) of time and age. It's good to have those pictures. But we find something else: it's good to make the pictures. By that, I mean that the experience of the photo is special. It's actually a memory, as well. Of course, if it's a photobooth picture, with props, the experience is loaded with fun. And I do mean loaded.

We had the privilege of taking part in a multi-year reunion in which the oldest class had graduated 70 years earlier. Three members of the class actually made it to the reunion. The three of them had not been together in all those years, and what a joy they had, seeing each other again. But there were lots of other classes there, getting together after so long. There were roommates who were seeing each other for the first time in 10, 20, 30, 40 years!

Some of the folks wanted to fit their entire class in the booth. Fortunately, we can fit quite a few, and also, the largest class that wanted to do that was only about 14 people. So, we did it! We had some rowdy groups, and some that were just quietly happy to be together. We even had an incident where yours truly photobombed...

Family reunions are special, too, with all of the potential drama and joy as a school reunion, plus shared DNA and multiple generations... While we were setting up the booth, folks got started before the backdrop even went up... Well, not a great background in the pictures, but a blast, nonetheless.

That's just the way people act on a hot and muggy night... when the Grinnin' Booth is there. Otherwise, they would've been sitting back, complaining about the weather, and how bored they are... You know the drill. Good thing we were there to save the party.

So, are there other parties needing a hand? How about banquets. They can be fun. Or completely not. We'll have to explore, next time. Until then,

Keep Grinnin'

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